Vilnius University Students’ Representation (VU SA) is the oldest and largest non-profit, non-political, expert education organization in Lithuania representing the interests of students at Vilnius University and beyond, cherishes university culture and creates the most favorable conditions for students’ self-expression.


  • represents the students – defends the rights of students in the governing bodies of the University and outside the University. It is the only student self-government in Lithuania that independently represents its students at national level; 
  • helps to improve the study process at the University or in your unit – being a member of all the major governing bodies of Vilnius University, VU SA participates in the consideration and admission of issues related to students, improves study regulation based on the needs of students; 
  • takes care of social welfare – provides a comfortable and student-friendly environment, takes care of student integration, participates in the distribution of scholarships; 
  • organizes meaningful leisure time so that the years spent at university will never be forgotten; 
  • spreads the information so that all relevant knowledge reaches the ears of the students. 

In total, VU SA has 14 units in each core academic unit (faculty, institute, or center) and one Central Office, located in the VU Central Building, in the Observatory Courtyard. 

The organization has debate, photography, film and Kendo clubs, Energy Society as well as tutors, mentors, “Label-free” (lith. Be etikečių), “Honestly” (lith. Sąžiningai) and other programs. The common aspirations, various projects and activities currently bring together more than 1000 active members. 

Vision, mission, values

VU SA vision: an open environment for independent student development in the unified community of Vilnius University. 

VU SA mission: to create the most favorable conditions for student self-expression by effectively representing the students of Vilnius University and fostering the university culture. 

Openness, responsibility, quality of work, unity and development are the principles and values on which VU SA bases its activities.