Academic leave, deferment of studies and study resumption

Academic leave

Academic leave is granted to a student (life long learner) who is temporarily unable to continue his / her studies due to illness, pregnancy or baby care (upon presentation of proof) or for other personal reasons.

The student is granted sick leave for up to 2 years; for pregnancy and baby care - up to 3 years and for personal reasons up to 1 year.

The duration of the academic leave is calculated from the date of request submission to the Head of Core Academic Unit.

Deferment of studies

The student (life long learner) may be allowed by the Head of Core Academic Unit to suspend (deferment) studies for a maximum of 1 year due to important reasons.

In order to suspend studies, it is necessary to present a request to the Dean stating the reasons for the suspension.

Enrollment back to your study program after deferment of studies or academic leave is required no later than 5 days prior to the start of the semester to which you will return.

Study Resumption

Returning from academic leave or deferment of studies shall not be considered as study resumption. Study resumption - return to study program after interruption (termination).

People returning to their studies after termination are admitted only to state non funded places.

You can return to studies from the beginning of the semester upon request to the Head of the Core Academic Unit no later than 5 days prior to the beginning of the new semester.

A student is allowed to resume to the study program if the difference between the study program he / she studied originally and the student's intended program is different in no more than 15 credits.

The Board of the Core Academic Unit may also propose additional terms for resuming to studies that are approved by the Senate, so it is important to look into Senate decisions related to resumption to studies.

Any differences (up to 15 credits) resulting from the change of program may be eliminated within 1 year of the resumption to studies. These differences are not considered as academic debt.

If there is a difference of more than 15 credits between the study program and the study program intended to be studied, they must be eliminated before resuming studies.

A person expelled from the University for serious violations of the principle of academic integrity, may resume to studies not earlier than one year after the date of expulsion and only after having eliminated all differences in subjects / modules.

If more than one student is applying for the same place of study, preference shall be given to a student who:

  • has higher average of all previously passed exams;
  • has higher average in the final exam period;
  • applied to resumption of studies earlier.

Description of the procedure for renewal of studies at VU, Reglamentation of Studies at VU.