BUS, Minor Degree, Optional Subjects

General Education Elective subjects (BUS)

General University Elective subjects (BUS) – general education development modules in all first cycle (undergraduate) and integrated study programs at Vilnius University.

You can find out if there are BUS subjects in your study program by visiting the VU Information System → Studies  Curriculum. A new BUS list of subjects is drawn up for each semester. You can check which subjects will be offered next semester on the BUS website.

When and where do I sign up for BUS subjects? If the BUS subject is scheduled for the fall semester, registration takes place during the first two weeks of May; additional registration takes place in the first two weeks of September. If the BUS subject is scheduled for the spring semester, registration takes place during the first two weeks of December; additional registration is in the first two weeks of February. You will be notified of the exact start date of registration by email, which will be sent to your VU e-mail.

Registration for BUS subjects takes place in the VU Information System  Enrollment  General Education Electives.

You can unsubscribe from the BUS subject and choose another within the first two weeks of the semester in which it is conducted.

Minor degree

In addition to major degree, Vilnius University offers a choice of undergraduate minor degrees, which are composed of 60 ECTS credits.

Students may choose one of the minor study programs offered by the University. Only the first cycle study programs provide such an opportunity. If the study plan does not provide such a possibility, the student may apply to the Core Academic Unit in which he / she is studying to request conditions for studying the minor study program by asking to approve their individual study plan.

For further information and registration, please contact the faculty (unit) where the desired program is conducted.

More information about minor studies and the Units that carry out them.

Optional Subjects

Compulsory subjects form the basis of education in the chosen field of study, whereas optional subjects (modules) essentially supplement the education of the chosen major and / or minor field of study.

Optional subjects are chosen from the list provided in the study program. If you do not seek deeper specialization in the main field of study, you can choose optional subjects (modules) from all general university education courses at the University according to the established procedure.

Elective subjects are only available in the semesters in which they are provided in the curriculum. The curriculum also specifies the scope of the elective subject in credits.

Registration for optional subjects and minor degree

Enrollment for the next semester optional subjects / modules and, if you have chosen a minor course, for a minor course module / module happens at the end of the semester. The deadline for enrollment for spring semester optional subjects (modules) is 15 December, and for the fall semester – 15 May. First year students must register for elective subjects (modules) during the first two weeks of first semester.

The decision to opt for minor studies must be reported in writing to the Core Academic Unit which carries out the minor degree program not later than one semester before the start of the minor studies: in the spring semester the deadline is in September and in the fall semester it is in February. The agreement on minor degree regulating the student's obligations and the right to withdraw from the minor study program is drawn up by 15 October (if minor degree program begins in the spring semester) or by 15 March (if minor degree program begins in the fall semester).

You can opt out of an elective subject and choose another during the first two weeks of the semester in which it is conducted.

More information on optional subjects and BUS subjects.

Learning additional foreign languages

You can also study your chosen foreign language at Vilnius University.

Registration for these language courses is available from 1 September 6 p.m. (18:00) until 14 September 14th (12:00) on the VU Information System  Enrollment  Foreign languages. There you will also find information on possible language learning levels and timetables.

Vilnius University pays a part of the tuition fee for a foreign language course (which is studied as an extra-curricular subject), so one semester language studies will cost you only 55 EUR.

The information about the non-degree courses (foreign language) is also included in the Diploma Supplement and, if necessary, a supplementary certificate is issued.