Central Office working hours in September:

Mondays–Thursdays 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Fridays 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

If you have any questions, you can contact the contacts below!

3 Universiteto St.
Observatory Courtyard
LT-01513 Vilnius
Tel. (8 5) 268 7144



Responsible for effective organisation work and it's strategy execution.
Neda Žutautaitė

Phone: +370 677 69 215

Responsible for communicating with media and organization's communicated content creating.
Public Relations Representative
Jūratė Baltinaitė

Phone: +370 626 51 849

Responsible for consulting students in academic affairs and coordinating of academic affairs in VU SA branches.
Vicepresident / Coordinator of Academic Affairs
Arnoldas Solovjovas

Phone: +370 638 36 830

Responsible for Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSIC) consultations and supervision.
LSIC Coordinator
Aušrinė Dichavičiūtė

Phone: +370 623 57 470

Responsible for running programs, clubs and projects. Also responsible for finding sponsors and coordinating marketing division in VU SA units.
Programs, clubs and projects coordinator / Marketing coordinator
Gabija Daunoravičiūtė

Phone: +370 639 39 863 /

Responsible for improving the efficiency of students’ integration process.
Integration process coordinator
Aurelija Vasiliauskaitė

Phone: +370 689 85 906

Responsible for organizations documents, data register and correspondence handling.
Andželika Jankauskytė

Phone: +370 630 36 703

Responsible for consulting in social affairs (scholarships, social environment) and coordinating social affairs in VU SA branches. Responsible for International students representation.
Coordinator of Social Affairs / International Students Coordinator
Ieva Budreikaitė

Phone: +370 613 70 788

Responsible for the smooth running of central office communications, organization and maintenance of the office.
Central Office Executor
Julija Jarutytė

Phone: +370 697 43 277

Responsible for the maintenance and development of information technology infrastructure within the organization.
Information Technology Specialist
Justinas Kavoliūnas

Phone: +370 678 20 203

Responsible for coordinating students' representatives at study programme committees, study boards and evaluation groups, also responsible for other representatives in Vilnius University.
Representatives’ Coordinator
Margarita Aleksynaitė

Phone: +370 631 23 033 /

Responsible for administrating of information channels and coordinating of information in VU SA branches.
Coordinator of Communications
Paula Zlatkutė

Phone: +370 638 31 729

Responsible for organizing events and organizational affairs coordinating in VU SA branches.
Coordinator of Organizational Affairs
Viktorija Milko

Phone: +370 675 81 743

Responsible for planning process coordinating in organization.
Coordinator of Planning Process
Kamilė Kandrotaitė

Phone: +370 684 50 621