Disability Benefits

Disability benefits are provided to students with a lower than 45 % working capacity and no academic debt. They must be enrolled to the study cycle for the first time (undergraduate, graduate, full-time).

The following types of benefits are provided:

Anyone wishing to receive financial help must submit the following documents to the Study Administration Department:

Applications for this type of benefit must be submitted to the Department of Studies Administration of Vilnius University (Saulėtekio al. 9, I Building, Room 714). If it is difficult for the student to bring the documents to the Department of Study Administration, he or she may bring them to the Students’ Representation who will deliver them for him.

Ensuring access to studies

The project "Ensuring Access to Studies for Students with Special Needs" aims to encourage special needs students to pursue higher education. Disabled students are given financial aid to increase access to education. Targeted benefits can only be used for study purposes, i. e. items, services and other expenses necessary to increase access to education.

A special allowance of 152 EUR per month shall be granted to students who are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or of other States, or other without any citizenship, who have declared their permanent residence in the Republic of Lithuania and who meet all the following conditions:

Students who meet the following criteria must submit the following documents to the Department of Study Administration of Vilnius University (Saulėtekio al. 9, I Building, Room 714):