FAQ. Academic field

Funding revision (rotation)

When does the rotation take place?

The rotation for the previous academic year takes place on 30 September each year.

How can I keep my state-funded place?

The concept of a well performing student (a student with no academic debt, who has fulfilled all the requirements of the study program during the assessment period and has achieved an excellent or typical achievement level), must be met in order to keep the state-funded place.

(1) a student is considered to have achieved an excellent level of academic achievement in the period of assessment if he or she has no academic debt and the weighted average period of study period is equal to or greater than 8;

2) a student is considered to have achieved a typical level of study achievement during the assessment period if he or she has no academic debt and the weighted average period of study achievement is higher than 5 but does not achieve a high achievement level;

3) a student is considered to have reached the brink level of study achievement during the assessment period if he or she has no academic debt and his or her assessment period weighted average score is higher than 4 but does not reach the typical achievement level.

Or it can be conveyed as follows:

EXCELLENT [8 → 10]

TYPICAL (5 → 8)

BRINK (4 → 5]

I study in a non-state-funded (VNF) place, and in my course there are students in state-funded (VF) places who have not satisfied the concept of a well performing student. Is there a chance to take their funding?

Yes, after 30 September 2018 a student who does not qualify as a well performing student and is in the VF place will lose funding and VNF (only those who will meet the criteria for a well performing student) students will be able to take over their funding.

The students will be informed about the vacant funding places by the core academic unit administration.

I have heard that the new concept of academic debt will have some effect with the new rotation arrangement. Does this mean that all existing academic debt will be extinguished from 1 September 2017 onwards?

Unfortunately, any debt that you have acquired in the past remains academic.

Are students returning from Erasmus rotated?

If a student has gone abroad for part-time studying during the semester, he or she will be rotated according to the average grade of the previous semester.

How do I know when I'm in rotation?

You can find your place in the rotation by visiting VU Information System.

Optional Subjects

Who should I contact if I fail to register for the elective subject in time?

Contact core academic unit administration as soon as possible. If the subject is not selected, the student receives debt.

Last semester I had chosen the elective subjects for 6 ECTS credits although only 3 ECTS were needed. Now the database asks again for 3 ECTS credits – if I do not choose them, the debt will be recorded. Will those 3 extra ECTS credits be credited for next semester?

Go to the Dean's Office and request that your credits be transferred to the next semester before they can be credited.

I have to get 5 ECTS credits, but I want to attend a course worth 3 ECTS credits. Will I still have to choose the second subject for 3 ECTS credits?

Yes, you will have to choose the second subject for 3 ECTS credits or collect the missing credits in the subsequent semester. You cannot earn less than the minimum number of credits in your study program.

Where can I register for the optional subjects?

You can register for the elective subject by visiting the VU Information System → Optional courses. If the system does not make any choices, contact the Dean's Office and report any error that may have occurred.

I came back after academic leave and did not choose any of the optional subjects. Do I have to choose the subjects again that I chose a year ago and have passed it, or do I need to do anything else?

You do not have to choose anything. Contact the Dean's Office and inform them what you have acquired the last semester that you were studying – the subjects will be credited.

Coursework, Bachelor Thesis, Internship

What if I can't find a place for an internship?

If you do not find the placement yourself, the University will help you find a place for the internship. If you need help with your research, contact the Dean's Office.

Is it possible to defend my term paper in the fall (exam retake period) if I cannot write it on time?

Yes, you will be able to defend your term paper during the retake period, but this must be coordinated with the core academic unit.

What happens if you don't write or defend your term paper?

If you do not write or defend your term paper, you get debt and have to liquidate it next year.


Where can I find information about the postponed exams due to illness?

Examination delayed due to illness takes place at the time agreed individually between the teacher and the student. In some cases, the Dean's Office sets dates for retakes, so it is important to keep track of the information on the faculty’s website.

When will I take the exam if I was sick during the spring semester exam period? In early September, or in June?

The exam period may be extended by up to one month from the beginning of the new semester. So, the spring exam period exam should be taken in September. Examination schedule is agreed between teacher and students.


I am not satisfied with the exam grade. Is there a way to review my work?

You can review your work only with prior agreement with the professor. Exams and other tasks are stored for six months after the exam passing date in the institutes. If you intend to submit an appeal, we recommend reviewing your work beforehand.

Will I be informed that my appeal has been successful or rejected?

Yes. The Chairman of the Dispute Settlement Commission or their authorized representative will inform you of the decision of this commission by email. According to the University Study Regulations, no student decision can be considered valid until the Dispute Settlement Commission has issued its final conclusions.

Retakes, debt

When do exams retakes happen?

The retakes take place during the first two weeks of the following semester.

What to do if I feel sick during the exam retake?

Notify the Dean (Studies Department) no later than 3 working days after the retake and submit the document proving the absence at the agreed time.

If I did not pass the exam in the first semester and failed to pass during the retake period, do I still have the opportunity to retake this subject for free in September?

No, you do not have the opportunity – you will have to repeat the course, pay for the credits and take the exam again, or sign a Fast track study agreement and take the exam only.

What if I have two exams on the same day? Can I take an exam at another time? Who should I contact in this case?

You can talk to the professors – maybe someone will allow you to take the exam at another time.

How much debt does a student have to have in order to be removed from the student lists? When is debt considered academic debt? If I did not pass three or four exams this spring semester, will I be eliminated, or will I be able to retake the exams during the retake period on September?

A student is removed from the list when he or she has more than 15 ECTS credit debt or academic debt after the retake period. Even if you fail all the subjects, you still have a second chance at retake in the fall.

Debt is a failed retake of an examination.

Academic debt is the failure to pass an exam or get credit after repeating the course (or not passing it after having signed the a Fast track study agreement).

Repeating a course

Do I have to pay for repeating the course before passing the exam?

You must do so.

What do I need to pay for repeat students – just for the credits or for taking the exam again? What should I do after I have paid the fee?

Those who repeat the course only pay for the credits – there is no extra charge for taking the exam. Once the fee has been paid, you must go to the Dean's Office and provide the receipt.

Will I be required to pay for credits if I have not received the credit for an elective subject from last semester? If so, when?

Yes, you will have to pay, but only during the next semester (while repeating the course).

During the first semester I was not allowed to take the exam and now I have to repeat the course. Do I have to get any documents before that?

You do not need to get any documents, just inform the professor and the Dean's Office. Once a receipt comes up in your VU Information System, you will have to pay. You will still need to receive the exam sheet before taking the exam.

Academic leave, suspension of studies, termination of studies, return to studies

Until when can I request an academic leave?

You can apply for academic leave at any time.

I intend to return from academic leave. The Dean's Office (Study Division) said to come on 27 August to return to studies, but I'll be overseas during the last weeks of August as well as the first week of September. Is it possible to return to studies at another time?

It may also come a little earlier, as soon as the Dean's Office (Study Unit) is working. It is also possible to fill in the application for renewal of studies in the information system of Vilnius University. You can also return to studies by your authorized person who should bring needed documents (the application or doctor's note).

I would like to resume my studies but in another degree program. What should I do?

If your last and desired degree programs are less than 15 ECTS credits apart and you have completed all the requirements of your old degree program for the first semester, you just need to go to the dean's office and apply for the new program. If there are any vacant places, you should be welcomed to the new program. If the difference of credits is greater, you should pass the needed courses as a life long learner before entering a new program so that your program credits do not differ by more than 15 ECTS credits.

I quit my studies and re-entered the first year after a year, but I'm still on last year's student list. What do I need to do to get removed from last year's list?

Go to the Dean's Office and request to be removed from this list.