FAQ. Social field


I used to study, but I quit my studies and re-entered in a non-state-funded place. Can I get credit for some of the subjects that I had learned before quitting? If so, do I have to pay for them?

Yes, it is possible to get credit for already completed subjects. You need to contact the Dean's Office. The tuition fee will be proportionally lower. If you have already paid the full price, please contact the Dean's Office for a refund.

I entered a non-state-unfunded place, but at the moment I can't pay the full price due to lack of finances. What should I do?

Contact your faculty Dean's office to request a delayed payment. Then you'll have to pay by 1 December (fall semester) or 1 May (spring semester). You can also request to pay in parts, in which case you must pay the first installment by 30th of September. The installment must be at least 30 % of the semester price. The remaining money is due by 1 December (fall semester) or 1 May (spring semester).


I had very good grades in spring semester. I had received a scholarship before, but I have not received it for August. Why?

Until August, you have received a scholarship for the achievements of the fall semester, and you will receive a scholarship for August in September, provided you are awarded for the achievements of the spring semester.

Do students returning from academic leave receive a scholarship if they are supposed to get it on the basis of rotation?

Students receive the scholarship, but only if you did not receive any scholarships earlier (before going on an academic leave) for that semester (i. e., did not study at all, went on academic leave before starting the semester, or did study, but for some reason did not receive the scholarship). If a student received the scholarship fully before going on an academic leave and it was paid for the entire semester, he or she will not be eligible for a second payment.

In the coming semester I plan to leave with the Erasmus exchange program. If I finish the current semester with good grades, will I be able to get the scholarship abroad?

Yes, students in exchange programs can receive the scholarship.

Financial support

Can scholarship and (one-time) social grants be combined?

You can get several payments at once.

Can I get the scholarship and one-time targeted scholarships together?

You can get several payments at once.

Is it possible to receive both a one-time social grant and a social grant because I have equal to or less than 45 % of the working capacity?

You can get several payments at once.

Can I also receive a social grant for work capacity equal to or less than 45 % and a special needs disability allowance (56 EUR / month)?

You can get several payments at once.

Where and when can I find out if I received a (one-time) social scholarship?

You can find out about the awarded social scholarship by logging in to your application at www.vsf.lt. The recipients of the social scholarship are thus informed by email. You can find out if you received a one-time social grant by logging in to your account at VU Information System (www.is.vu.lt).

I applied for a one-time social grant. What kind of information will I be provided with on the VU Information System if it is assigned or unassigned to me?

If you can see “Ongoing XXX EUR” in the information system (www.is.vu.lt) in the section "Social Disbursements". This means you were awarded a XXX social grant. If the term "unassigned" remains, this means that the student will not receive a one-time social grant.

Is a student on academic leave entitled to a social grant or a one-time social grant?

A student who is on academic leave is not eligible for a social grant. However, you can acquire the one-time social grant. They may be requested in the event of a sudden deterioration of their financial situation or in the event of a (personal) misfortune.


Is it possible to get more than one loan a year?

It is possible if you are applying for different types of loans (for example, you are leaving, so you are applying for both a study abroad loan and a living-cost loan). What matters is that the amount of the loans does not exceed 385 BSI (15 015 EUR).

How can I tell if I got a loan or not?

After logging in to your application form at www.vsf.lt.


I want to live in a dormitory, so I sent a written request to the administrator of the dorm where I want to live. Will it be accepted?

No, this form request will not be accepted as all registration is filled out online on www.bustas.vu.lt.

I want to stay in a dorm room with a friend. Is that possible? If so, what should I do?

Yes, it is possible. You should contact your dorm administrator.

I want a dorm room in another dormitory. Can I change?

Yes, you can. You need to register at www.bustas.vu.lt, choose which dormitory you want and wait for your turn in a line.

Health and social insurance

Do I need to go to the health insurance fund for compulsory health insurance?

There is no need for that. All lists of students are forwarded automatically to the local health insurance funds by the University.

On 12 June I received my university graduation diploma. Is compulsory social insurance still in valid or do I need to take care of the insurance myself?

All graduates are insured until the last day of August of the year they graduate.