Incentive scholarships

These scholarships are awarded twice a year to the best performing students: during the fall (August–January) and spring (February–July) semesters. In the spring semester, scholarships for final year students are awarded only between February and June.

Scholarships are not awarded to undergraduate and graduate students in their first semester and to students who have academic debts.

The best performing students are identified each semester in each study program and course individually based on their learning outcomes, following the best ranking criteria.

There are two types of scholarships for great learning outcomes: 1.5 BSI (60 Eur) and 2.5 BSI (100 Eur). Scholarships of 2.5 BSI sums up to 30 % of scholarships. 70 % of the funds available are granted to the 1.5 BSI grants;

Based on the decision of a five-member commission formed by the head of the academic unit (two members are from Students’ Representation), 20 % of grants may be reallocated within the same cycle of study programs.

Recommended scholarship transfer time is the 27th of the current month. This deadline applies to all types of scholarships.

VU Scholarship Regulations.