During this period, we only work remotely.

If you have any questions, you can contact the contacts below!

3 Universiteto St.
Observatory Courtyard
LT-01513 Vilnius
Tel. (8 5) 268 7144

Responsible for effective organisation work and it's strategy execution.
Justas Kvedaravičius
Phone +370 616 41 889
Responsible for communicating with media and organization's communicated content creating.
Public Relations Representative
Robertas Macius
Phone +370 674 26 868
Responsible for consulting students in academic affairs and coordinating of academic affairs in VU SA branches.
Coordinator of Academic Affairs
Aistė Rinkevičiūtė
Phone +370 629 32 354
Reponsible for working with international students, projects and partners. 
Coordinator of International Students Affairs
Roman Udler
Phone +4917661795819
Responsible for documentation, assurance of work environment conditions, registries and correspondence management.
Coordinator of Administrative Affairs
Marta Vinclavaitė
Phone +370 686 31 756
Responsible for finding sponsors and coordinating marketing division in VU SA units.
Marketing Coordinator
Roberta Budreckaitė
Phone +370 646 17 180
Responsible for running programs, clubs and projects.
Programs, clubs and projects coordinator
Gabija Daunoravičiūtė
Phone +370 639 39 863
Responsible for improving the efficiency of students’ integration process.
Integration process coordinator
Evaldas Matijošaitis
Phone +370 691 48 467
Responsible for representatives in Vilnius University. 
Representatives’ Coordinator
Marius Norkūnas
Phone +370 693 48 990
Responsible for consulting in social affairs (scholarships, social environment) and coordinating social affairs in VU SA branches.
Coordinator of Social Affairs
Vilius Mickūnas
Phone +370 616 77 881
Responsible for the maintenance and development of information technology infrastructure within the organization.
Information Technology Specialist
Justinas Kavoliūnas
Phone +370 678 20 203
Responsible for the smooth running of central office communications, organization and maintenance of the office.
Central Office Executor
Viltė Jankauskaitė
Phone +370 625 51 273
Responsible for coordinating students' representatives at study programme committees, study boards and evaluation groups.
Coordinator of Representatives' for Study Programmes
Tomas Bedulskij
Phone +370 676 70 685
Responsible for administrating of information channels and coordinating of information in VU SA branches.
Coordinator of Communications
Gabija Laibakojytė
Phone +370 662 60 187
Responsible for organizing events and organizational affairs coordinating in VU SA branches.
Coordinator of Organizational Affairs
Nikita Gladčenko
Phone +370 653 57 691
Responsible for planning process coordinating in organization
Coordinator of Planning Proccess
Andželika Jankauskytė
Phone +370 630 36 703