A student of Vilnius University who has lost his / her LSIC must fill in the relevant application. The application must be filled in at any Vilnius University Students' Representation unit or at Central Office of the Vilnius University Students' Representation (3 Universiteto St., Observatory Courtyard, 01513 Vilnius) or electronically.

In case of losing the LSIC:

Note: If you do not order LSIC production after the loss of LSIC, a penalty of 37.65 EUR will be payable. The payment receipt is accompanied by a request for lost LSIC.

Note: There is no penalty if the studies are continued and a new LSIC is produced. This clause does not apply when you are completing your undergraduate studies and are planning to be a LSIC graduate student.


If you lose your LSIC in the event of theft: