One-time Social Grants

One-time social grants are awarded in cases of deterioration of the student's material and social situation (serious illness, trauma, accident, fire, serious theft, death of a relative, loss of employment of one of the parents, etc.).

The scholarship amounts to 2–12 BSI (80–480 EUR).

Each student is eligible to apply for a one-time scholarship.

There are no deadlines for submission of applications and documents. Applications are made through: → E-Applications → Application for a One-Time Social Scholarship

The following documents are required when applying for a one-time social grant:

  • application form;
  • a document certifying the composition of the family members (available from the Population Register Office);
  • certificate of income of the student and his / her parents / guardians (husband / wife) during the last three months or unemployment (taken from the employer or SODRA, only salaries or pensions are required);
  • documents supporting the statements listed in the motivation (in case of death – copy of death certificate, in case of surgery – certificate from hospital, etc.).