Production of LSIC

Every full time or exchange student of Vilnius University has right to get Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSIC). If you want to get LSIC, you must to register at For clearness choose English language by pressing button at right top side.

  1. Student at the registration form must fill needed information:
    • Study city. Choose your study city in Vilnius or Kaunas;
    • Personal number.The data that You enter must coincide with the data You sent to International Programmes and Relations Office. Please pay attention especially to what You enter as Your "Personal number". You have to enter Your passport number or, if You don‘t have passport, ID number, or, if You have personal numbers in your country (i.e. Poland, Belarus), personal number. Do not mistake here and insert the number correctly;
    • Name and last name.Insert your name and surname correctly. Name and Surname should start with capital letters;
    • If you do not have Lithuanian mobile number insert here the universal Lithuanian mobile number +370 670 00 000. If you have one insert your own;
    • You will receive a confirmation message therefore you should enter a valid email address;
    • Password should be at least 6 symbols long and try do not forget it.

Note: There will be warning about your personal number. Do not be scared and continue registration.

Note: After the registration you will get confirmation letter to your email.

  1. Student at LSIC system must choose his High School “VU – Vilniaus universitetas”. Study information from Vilnius University will be transferred automatically. Study information is transferring:
    • For Exchange students until end of July;
    • For Full time students until end of August.

Note: If your study information was not imported after two weeks from registration please do not hesitate and contact with LSIC coordinator via email:

  1. Student must upload his photo. Press link “Personal information”. LSIC is an official document, so make sure you have selected document type photo. Photo must follow these requirements:
    • A passport-style photograph (i. e. headshot only);
    • Only the cardholder is visible in the photograph;
    • The photograph must be clear, well defined and taken against a plain white or light-coloured background;
    • Face must not be covered and looking square to the camera;
    • Glasses are acceptable, as long as the eyes are clearly visible. Make sure that the frame does not cover any part of the eyes. Sunglasses are not acceptable;
    • A hairpiece or other cosmetic accessory is acceptable if it does not disguise cardholder’s normal appearance;
    • Cardholders wearing a head covering for religious reasons, must make sure full facial features are not obscured.

Note: In case LSIC provider indicates that the photograph is inadequate, LSIC production will be stopped until the appropriate photo is upload.

Note: Photo must be uploaded in .jpg or .png or .gif format. If you featuring some problemos please contact via email:

  1. After study information about your studies and photo is uploaded you can start ordering LSIC. Press “My LSIC” → “Order a new LSIC”.

Note: Student number must coincide. Check it before ordering.

  1. Student when ordering LSIC must choose convenient delivery way (at the moment there is only one). Student must fill correct card delivery address and information. Most importantly choose best way of paying.

Note: LSIC production starts only after paying. You can follow your LSIC production process via your LSIC account:


There is two ways how you can pay for your LSIC

1 way: If you have your own Lithuanian bank account or any of other presented payment method is convenient for you. Than you can easily pay for it.

2 way: If you do not have your own Lithuanian bank account. You can ask someone, who can pay for you, e. g. your mentor. Or you can pay via your own country bank account making international payment by presented requisites at your LSIC account.


After you make international payment you have to send your payment proof to email: After your payment will be confirmed you can finish ordering LSIC.

Note: If you featuring some problems or having any questions or your payment proof is not confirmed in 3 work days, please do not hesitate and contact via email:

      • Receive your LSIC. Delivery guy will contact with you by the given phone number.

Note: Filled wrong contact information? Never came any call from delivery guy? Contact with LSIC provider: → “LSP projekto vadovas”.


LSIC production lasts 5 work days from start ordering moment and 14 work days from start ordering moment at admission to High Schools season. All LSIC production process you can follow at your LSIC account If your LSIC production last too long please do not hesitate and contact via email:

LSIC prices are:

Cycle of studies

LSIC cost

   Bachelor degree students

16 EUR

   Master degree students


   PhD (doctoral) degree students

16 EUR

   Integrated (Law and Medicine) students

20 EUR

   Residency students

20 EUR

   Non-degree students


   Exchange students


   When LSIC is reissued (replaced by new one) in the same studies



LSIC is made for the entire period of studies. LSIC is not renewable. After the LSIC expires due to academic leave or study interruption, a new one must be made.

By owning LSIC you will be given privileges to use Vilnius University Library, public transport and the right to other discounts provided by LSIC, see more:

Any questions about LSIC production? Contact to LSIC Coordinator at Vilnius University Students' Representation via email: to LSIC providers at Lithuanian Students Union: → “LSP projekto vadovas“.