Social Grants

Social grants are available to undergraduate, postgraduate students and non-degree students (except residency students) studying in both state-funded and at their non-state-funded places, except for students who:

To qualify for a social scholarship, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Applications for social scholarships are submitted electronically on the website of the State Studies Foundation ( Applications are submitted twice a year:

The social scholarship amounts to 3.25 BSI (currently 126.75 EUR per month). A student may be awarded one social scholarship per semester. The social scholarship is credited to the student's personal account at the end of each month (until 27th of the current month) until the end of the semester date, specified by the institution.

If there still is unused funds left after the main distribution of social scholarships for that semester, the State Studies Foundation announces an additional application deadline each month.

Payment of the social scholarship shall be terminated:

Website of the State Studies Foundation.