On 11 May 2019, Reporting and Elective Conference of Vilnius University Students’ Representation approved the strategy of the organization, the implementation of which will create conditions for the better representation of students in Vilnius University.

Strategy of Vilnius University Students’ Representation

On 11 September 2019, Vilnius University Students’ Representation Parliament approved the strategic action plan for 2019–2022:

Vilnius University Students; Representation Strategic Action Plan for 2019–2022


During the time of studying, the competences must be consistently developed and the student must be given the opportunity to set the goals for your study and career, based on your experience and knowledge. Vilnius University Students’ Representation (hereinafter – VU SA) seeks to achieve the access to study resources, their periodic update and adaptation, which would add value to the study process. Academic staff must constantly update their subject and pedagogical competences, consistently apply and update teaching methods, the evaluation system and ground the studies on science. Also, studies in Vilnius university must be competitive in the international environment and be based on expectations of social partners and the public. VU SA states that there cannot be no quality studies without a stimulating and study-oriented environment.

Such an environment consists of: continuous improvement of infrastructure, financial support and promotion of academic, public, scientific, sporting and artistic activities; professional academic, psychological and career development counseling.

Strategic projects:

1.1. The student is provided with the conditions to independently choose the study path, providing the necessary academic assistance

1.2. The student is provided with all the material resources needed to study

The impact indicator is student satisfaction.


VU SA provides opportunities for diverse student groups and alumni to get involved. Through their potential, VU SA ensures consistent and purposeful development of competencies. In order to achieve the goals of the organization, the quality of activities is ensured through purposeful optimization processes within the organization based on mutual trust and networking inside and outside the organization. VU SA has and develops the resources and material base needed for productive work.

Strategic project:

2.1. Effective organization performance management processes

Impact indicators – satisfaction of VU SA members and average membership length of VU SA members in the organization.


An open community that takes different approaches and involves different social groups, which includes students, faculty, administrative staff and those who associate themselves with the university. Community members create the conditions for everyone to feel a part of Vilnius University, help each other to improve, encourage initiative and self-expression, nurturing traditions and feedback culture while basing their activities on an equal interpersonal relationship and principles of academic ethics.

Strategic projects:

3.1. Equal relationship between all community members / groups

3.2. Consistent integration of all student groups into Vilnius University

Impact indicator – identification with the University