The Annual Convention

The Conference is the highest self-governing body of VU SA. The Conference gathers for Annual Convention where yearly activity, financial, and Revision Commission reports are presented and approved, the President of VU SA and the members of the Revision Commission are elected.

The President

The President is the head of VU SA, responsible for the smooth governance of the organization. The President is a member of VU Rectorate and a students’ representative in Vilnius University Board ex officio. The President is elected by the Conference for a term of one year.

The Parliament

The Parliament consists of elected representatives elected in VU SA unit Conferences (2 from each core academic unit of Vilnius University), Board members, the President and Vice-Presidents. Parliament approves VU SA budget, action plan, discusses and shapes the organization's positions on key issues in higher education and beyond.

The Board

The Board consists of the heads (chairmen) of VU SA units and the President, who organizes its activities. The Board considers issues and questions of membership with other organizations, approves the employees and performs other functions provided by the Regulation and the Rules of Procedure of VU SA.

The Revision Committee

The Revision Commission is the authority for the financial and operational control of VU SA self-governing bodies, VU SA units and other structural units of VU SA as well as its’ legal entities. The Commission consists of five members elected by the Conference.